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Do you ever find yourself eating when you’re not really that hungry or feeling a little full, but you just can’t stop yourself from overeating? Well…you’re not the only one as overeating is a very common thing.

If you find yourself consistently overeating, leaving you to feel physically unwell and disconnected from your wants and needs, this could be a sign that you haven’t found how to practice healthy and balanced eating in your daily life.


One of the common reasons you may overeat can be caused by distractions. You’ll find if you’re distracted when eating your food you are not being present enough to experience and really enjoy your food, alongside notice when you’re beginning to feel satisfied or even full.

To stop distracting yourself when eating try to:
– Avoid your phone
– Avoid watching the TV
– Have a lunch break when working and not eat while sitting at your desk
– Avoid eating when driving

When you slow down and remove these distractions when eating, you will find yourself focusing on your experience with your food more.

Emotional Eating
Boredom, stress, sad or anxious. These emotions are common emotions that people experience daily. Being aware of your emotions when you’re reaching for food is so important as you could unintentionally be eating when you’re not hungry, but instead to cure the emotion your feeling.

Environmental Triggers
Environmental triggers are specific places or weekly events that trigger you to overeat without consciously realising. A very common example may be overeating when you go out for dinner or lunch. In these situations it can be very hard to check back in with yourself and re-access how you are actually feeling. Are you hungry, are you satisfied or are you full?

“Off-Limits” Foods
Do you have foods you avoid? You go out to eat while on a specific diet and get offered foods you “can’t have” or are “off limits”, which increase your focus on that food. When you’re around that food you may have a lack of self control or willpower, causing you to over-indulge in that food because you don’t know when you’ll be able to have it again as you’ve labeled it “off-limits”, rather than being able to enjoy a serving and be fully satisfied.

Extended Periods of Time Without Food
We only have so much willpower before it runs out. When we wait an extended period of time to eat, our hunger cues eventually take over resulting in overeating. For example, the time period between lunch and dinner. You had lunch at 12:00 pm and don’t eat anything until you get home for dinner at 6pm. Chances are you’re very hungry by this stage. As soon as you see or smell food, your hunger cues shoot through the roof and your body is looking for anything to eat. This will often lead to overeating to try and make up for the hours you went without food.


1. Check-in With Your Hunger Cues and Rate them from 1-10
Always remember to ask yourself before you go reach for more food; “How hungry am I on a scale of 1 to 10?” This will let you have a better understanding of what your body needs.

1 -> Very full
10 -> Very hungry

This tip will help you eat intuitively and understand if you’re truly hungry or if there’s an external factor influencing your hunger.

2. Eat without Distractions
Remove all distractions. This will allow you to be present with your food and help you enjoy what you’re eating, while also reading your hunger levels as you eat.

3. Keep a Food Journal
Food journals help you understand what might be the cause or triggers that create your eating habits. Write it out in the moment and look back later. Re-access your triggers and try to find solutions to help these eating habits.


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